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White Pine

Chaddick Foundation Welcome Garden

Scientific Name: Pinus strobus

Order: Pinales

Family: Pinaceae

Type: Tree

Endangered Status: Least concern

Number of Recorded Individuals at the Zoo: 12

White pine tree can grow to an enormous size and was heavily logged by early European settlers as a source of lumber. It has bluish-green needles that grow in bundles of five. This pine tree prefers medium, well-drained, acidic soil in full sun to partial shade and can be grown individually as a specimen tree. The tree is a preferred nesting place for several birds, including warblers and hawks, and its seeds serve as an important food source for many birds and small mammals.

Native Range
Northeastern North America

USDA Hardiness Zone

Average Mature Height
65 feet

Flower Color
Not applicable

Flowering Months
Not applicable

Birds and small mammals

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