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A rhino playing with a pumpkin enrichment treat.


Penguin with a fish in its mouth.

Are the Animals Happy?

Lincoln Park Zoo is leading the way in animal welfare science.

We give animals choices and ensure they have as much control as possible over their own environments. For instance, they can choose to be indoors or outdoors, hidden or in plain sight, and can choose who to spend their time with. Plus, animals have the choice to participate in training or animal encounters. And we never remove animals from their habitats for human entertainment.

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A zookeeper inspects a giraffe from afar while holding a tablet device showing ZooMonitor.


We run the nation’s top zoo-based welfare science program. Our Animal Welfare Science Program asks specific questions about animals’ physical and social lives. Staff experts gather information to learn about what animals want and figure out how best to address them. Then, we use that information to evolve their care and help them thrive.

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A coyote stands near some power lines at dusk.

Saving Animals

Lincoln Park Zoo supports wildlife conservation around the world from the densest of cities to the most remote places.

We call Chicago home, but so do coyotes, raccoons, foxes, bats, and rats. The zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute is dedicated to understanding biodiversity in cities and how to coexist with wildlife. This helps us learn how animals affect human health and vice versa—and assists us in building wildlife-friendly cities. This work has been expanded worldwide!

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A red sunset in Tanzania.

The zoo has helped bring back the Puerto Rican parrot from extinction, is protecting numerous species in Tanzania by protecting migratory corridors for wildlife, and works to minimize the impacts of logging on great apes in the Republic of Congo. We think the world is better with wildlife in it.

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