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Upright Wild Ginger

Conservation & Science Gardens

Scientific Name: Saruma henryi

Order: Piperales

Family: Aristolochiaceae

Type: Perennial

Endangered Status: Endangered

Number of Recorded Individuals at the Zoo: 7

Upright wild ginger’s round, heart-shaped leaves appear in the spring and resemble the foliage of the native ginger Asarum canadense. Its yellow flowers feature three petals each and bloom in mid spring. Native to China’s woodlands, valleys, and riverbanks, the upright wild ginger prefers rich, moist, and well-drained soil in partial to full shade. This perennial is at its best when planted in large groups in shady woodlands and naturalized areas.

Native Range
Central China

USDA Hardiness Zone

Average Mature Height
2 feet

Flower Color

Flowering Months

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