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Gray-headed Coneflower

Gray-headed Coneflower

Scientific Name: Ratibida pinnata

Order: Asterales

Family: Asteraceae

Type: Perennial

Endangered Status: n/a

Number of Recorded Individuals at the Zoo: 253

Gray-headed coneflower has vivid yellow ray florets that point away from dull gray central disks that resemble elongated cylinders. The flowers bloom from early to late summer among pinnately divided leaves, which have prevalent texture. This perennial prefers clay or sandy soil in full sun and is most effective grown in large groups or along sunny borders. Goldfinches are drawn to this plant for its seeds, and bees visit its flowers for pollen.

Native Range
Central North America

USDA Hardiness Zone

Average Mature Height
4 feet

Flower Color

Flowering Months

Bees and birds

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