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Brookside Cranesbill

Charles Schwartz Memorial Garden

Scientific Name: Geranium ‘Brookside’

Order: Geraniales

Family: Geraniaceae

Type: Perennial

Endangered Status: n/a

Number of Recorded Individuals at the Zoo: 575

Brookside cranesbill is a hybrid cultivar that is a result of crossing selections of different geranium plant species. This drought tolerant geranium, useful for perennial gardens and sunny borders, prefers average, well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. This plant has lavender blue flowers with a white center that bloom and re-bloom from early to late summer, as well as cut-leaf foliage that turns red-orange in the fall. Its long-blooming flowers attract butterflies throughout the season.

Native Range
From cultivation

USDA Hardiness Zone

Average Mature Height
2 feet

Flower Color
Violet blue

Flowering Months


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