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Red Kangaroo

Camel & Zebra

Did You Know?

  • Red kangaroos are the largest living marsupials—and the most widespread.
  • They can hop more than 35 miles per hour and cover over 25 feet in a single jump.
  • Red kangaroos weigh just a quarter of an ounce at birth.

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Scientific Name: Macropus rufus

Class: Mammals

Diet: Grasses

Range: Australia

Endangered Status: Least Concern

More Information

Red kangaroos typically weigh between 40–120 pounds, although some males may get even heavier. Their bodies are between 3 and 4.5 feet long, with a tail adding an additional 2 or 3 feet. If needed, they can support their weight with that tail, and they use it for balance when they are moving. Their ears can swivel 180 degrees.

These animals are primarily grazers that travel long distances to find areas of recent rainfall. They live in groups called mobs, which may include a male, females, and their offspring. Adults of different sexes do not necessarily stick together permanently, however. When born, they are in an almost embryonic state, and must climb from the mother’s birth canal to the opening of her pouch to find a nipple that they nurse from for the next two or three months. They use the pouch until they are about eight months old. The mother can still become pregnant during this time.

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