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Domestic Pig


Did You Know?

  • Pigs are believed to have been domesticated at least 9,000 years ago. Domesticated pigs are a subspecies of wild boar.
  • There are approximately 60 million pigs at farms at any given time just in the United States.
  • Most livestock were first used by nomadic peoples, but pigs were indicative of settled farming communities because they are hard to herd and move for long distances.

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Scientific Name: Sus scrofa

Class: Mammals

Diet: Feed made from corn, wheat, soy, or barley; slop (mix of peels, rinds, and other leftover foods)

Range: Domesticated around the world

Endangered Status: Not Listed

More Information

Domestic pigs are from the same mammal family as boars, warthogs, and pygmy hogs. They have a flat snout, small eyes, and large ears. They generally weigh between 300–700 pounds, but some breeds are often heavier. There are more than 500 breeds of domestic pig.

Pigs are social animals that are also highly intelligent. Studies suggest they can remember objects, perceive time, and learn information that helps them navigate their environment. They have become vital to economies around the world.

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