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Domestic Chicken


Did You Know?

  • All domestic chickens are subspecies of the red junglefowl, a bird native to South America.
  • There are more chickens on Earth than any other bird species.
  • Roosters are well known for their bright plumage and shrill crowing calls, which are used to communicate their territory to other males.

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Scientific Name: Gallus domesticus

Class: Birds

Diet: Chicken feed

Range: Domesticated around the world

Endangered Status: Not Listed

More Information

Domestic chickens are average-sized birds with a small head, short beak, short wings, round body and featherless legs. Their appearance varies greatly depending on breed, although in many breeds, both males and females have skin folds on their chins (wattles) and their head (combs).

Chickens are diurnal and social. They live in flocks made up of one male, or rooster, and many females, or hens. They spend much of their day scratching the ground with their claws in search of food. They have four claws on each foot.

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