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Crested Wood-partridge

McCormick Bird House

Did You Know?

  • Crested wood-partridges sometimes follow wild pigs to feed on their leftover fruit.
  • They dig tunnel-like nests through leaf litter on the forest floor. These nests have entry holes that are closed when birds are inside.
  • Chicks are tended by both parents. In fact, if a clutch is particularly large, parents may split newborns into two groups and care exclusively for one group each.

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Scientific Name: Rollulus rouloul

Class: Birds

Diet: Fruit, seeds, beetles, wood ants, and snails

Range: Southeast Asia

Endangered Status: Vulnerable

More Information

Crested wood-partridges are small, ground-dwelling birds of about 10 inches long, weighing around 7 ounces. Males are bluish-purple, while females are green with brown wings. They are named after the males’ large red head crest. They also have red feet and a red ring around their eyes.

These are monogamous, territorial birds that live in low-elevation forests. During the day, they forage in leaf litter. In breeding season, they may form flocks of up to 15 individuals. Five or six eggs are laid per clutch and incubated for about 19 days by the females.

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