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Collared finch-billed bulbul in exhibit

Collared Finch-billed Bulbul

McCormick Bird House

Did You Know?

  • These songbirds are named for the white band of feathers around the front of their neck.
  • Both sexes use plant materials, including vine tendrils, to build cuplike nests that are set low in shrubs.
  • They are common backyard birds in parts of Asia.

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Scientific Name: Spizixos semitorques

Class: Birds

Diet: Seeds, fruit, insects, and berries

Range: Southeastern China, Taiwan, and Vietnam

Endangered Status: Least Concern

More Information

Collared finch-billed bulbuls are songbirds with a blue head, white-streaked cheeks, and a white collar. They have a thick ivory bill and an olive-green body along with dark gray head feathers. These birds flock together in groups but also form monogamous pairs.

During breeding season, males are especially vocal. Females lay three to five eggs, which incubate for two weeks. Both parents feed the chicks, which fledge after 10 days and are mature after a year.

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