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Chinese Hwamei

McCormick Bird House

Did You Know?

  • Chinese hwameis are named for the blue-white rings around their eyes. The Chinese word “hwamei” can be translated to “beautiful eyebrow.”
  • These non-migratory, sedentary birds show many different social behaviors, and males sing elaborate and varied songs. Females rely with monotonous calls.
  • They are also known as the melodious laughingthrush or the Chinese laughingthrush.

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Scientific Name: Spizixos semitorques

Class: Birds

Diet: Locust eggs, ants, and other insects (also seeds and fruit)

Range: China, Vietnam, and Laos

Endangered Status: Least Concern

More Information

Chinese hwameis are medium-sized songbirds about 9 inches long, weighing up to 2.6 ounces. They have rich brown and ochre plumage, a dusky yellow bill, and strong, yellowish legs. They spend much of their time foraging on the ground for food among leaf litter.

These birds place nests in various habitats. The nests are large, open, and cup-shaped, made from plant materials and built close to the ground. Females may incubate up to five eggs for around two weeks. Both parents feed the chicks and may have two broods per year.

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